Step 1: Creating an account
Step 1: Creating an account
Step 2: Your name, phone# and password
Step 2: name, phone# and password
Step3: Account created
Step3: Account created
Step 4: Square Token request
Square token request
Step 5: Confirm Square token requesting
Confirm Square token requesting
Step 6: Login to Square
Step 6: login to Square
Step 7: Select location
Step 7: select location
Step 8: Selecting a location
Step 8: selecting a location
Step 9: Your profile status
Step 9: profile status
Step 10: Items list
Step 10: item list
Step 11: Item updated
Step 11: item updated
Step 12: Inventory Items
Step 12: inventory items
Step 13: Modifying Stock
Step 13: modifying stock